Mark Driscoll – Idolatry

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2 responses to “Mark Driscoll – Idolatry

  1. Soli Deo Gloria

    On this point, Driscoll is absolutely right.
    It matters WHAT we worship.
    He left something out ….. the ubiquitous ‘worship group’.
    It also matters HOW we worship.

  2. Hi Don… that’s a great little explanation on idols by Driscoll. I like how he articulates the following:

    1) we can make good things idols. In themselves they maybe good or a blessing to us or others, but if our sense of righteousness is driven by them instead of our living hope in Christ then they become an idol

    2) identifies that for many we like to make Jesus an ‘idol giver’. Come to Jesus and He will fix your life, fix your marriage, make you well, bring you happiness, make you wealthy, get you a job. Jesus isn’t the source of our hope, but rather feeding our idol is. Then when it doesn’t happen we get angry and bitter towards God, saying He isn’t loving. He doesn’t provide. And people turn away trying to find something else to feed their idolatrous behaviour.

    Idolatry can be so subtle. Church leaders can seduce us so subtley with good and noble causes and things making us feel good about ourselves and them, but inevitably it doesn’t become about Jesus being our saving grace to the glory of God; it becomes about feeding our idols – those things we receive our self-righteousness and sense of worth from.

    How careful we need to present the whole gospel and not give into telling people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear – how Christ restores our relationship with God and saves our soul to the glory of God alone.

    Christianity isn’t primarily about making one happy, it’s about making one holy before God through Christ. Tragedy and trials and persecution WILL come to Christians, but amidst that we have the joy that our living hope in the resurrection of Christ will lead us to an eternal inheritance, one that nothing in this world can strip away from us, but which God keeps secure in Him. How generous and merciful God is!

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