Great Ministers Make a Great Church

Great “ministers”? But, who is the minister? It’s NOT the pastor!

Eugene Hor explains:

“It’s striking that the Bible never measures a church’s maturity or strength or power or health or success by:

  1.  it’s music,
  2.  it’s gifts,
  3.  it’s pastor,
  4.  it’s size,
  5.  what kind of ministries it offers, or
  6.  it’s building.

The Bible measures a church’s maturity by the measure by which all God’s people are being equipped to serve, and are actually serving to make Jesus their shared treasure as a church, and whether he is filling everything in their lives.”

Read more at theReformission

I read this headline over at Al Garlando’s blog and was ready to argue the point until I read the content of the post. As I share this with our readers, thanks for directing us to this, Al.


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